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  • Significance of Colors in Fashion

     Colors play an important role in everyone’s life, you dim the lights of your phone or TV screen and you’ll feel uneasy looking into the screen. Colors help you associate to things such as you know that an apple is red in color, Miranda spilled on a white kurta pajama leaves an orange stain, a slab of delicious chocolate is brown, midday sky is blue, a leaf is green, and darkness – or the absence of light implies to the color black so on and so forth. Colors are of significance when it comes to the fashion world. Imagine all the outfits in black and white colors; I’m sure none of us would be able to tell if it has been embellished or embroidered with anything other than black or white. But when you wear a multicolored dress with different color embroideries, buttons, applique and stones, your dress and the adornments on it stand out. Colors are considered meaningful when you’re selecting one for your dress, not all color dresses are meant for everyone and mind you, there’s no such thing as discrimination in it. Single shade, deep shades are good for chubby or fat people whereas multi-colored dresses or ones made of light colors makes one look healthy and neon shades aren’t meant for people with tan complexion as they make them look tanner. Coming to the significance of colors in female fashion each color represents a certain emotion, aspect or even an adjective along with it. Keep in mind how this significance does not carry over to male fashion in the same way. For starters, black is a powerful color of sophistication, elegance and formality. It is great for figures of authority, and style icons in the form of black sherwani and black saree. It stays timeless and no matter what designers say nothing will be “the new black” for more than a few weeks. Grey is a balanced color of subtlety, formality and respect. A lot of celebrities past their prime opt for grey toned  clothes. Browns are a comfortable shade depicting stability and dependability, great for those pesky interviews with would-be-in-laws. Orange is a fun flamboyant color, filled with energy, enthusiasm and playfulness. Its cousin yellow, is quite similar but stands for joy, happiness, hope and friendship. Together they make up a kickass combination that you see at most mehndis and during basant  with girls frolicking in a yellow salwar kameez or an orange lehenga. Blue is a loyal color, emphasizing on dependability, confidence and productivity. It has subtle undertones of intellectuality. It is perfect for that thesis presentation you need to give to the faculty. We suggest a royal blue salwar kameez. Moving on to another amazing color, green is a harmonious color symbolizing naturality, luck, life, fertility and wealth. It is soothing to look at and keeps you refreshed. Lastly we come to red. Red is the one color that has rooted its place in our tradition. Red signifies passion, energy, strength and romance. It is the color of brides and courtship. Why else do you think Valentine’s Day focuses on red. The next time you are planning an outfit for an event with a purpose, choose your outfit to match the image you want to portray.

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